These are all weeks/days/challenges/evictions/ and down time of Total Drama Randomness.

Week 1Edit

Day 1Edit

Chris was on stage, in his red sparkling dress. Just kidding, he was wearing a fine tuxedo. Behind him was a door on a blue wall. Next to him was a flat screen TV, with the words Total Drama on it. He stood there smiling as the audience cheered. Chris waved to some of the audience members. They cheered even louder.

"Welcome to the new hit Total Drama Series! I'm your host, Chris McLean, and this is Total Drama Randomness! 20 returning cast members return for a chance to compete for one. Million. Dollars! We brought back to  devious, weirdest, and totally insane contestants. Instead of living on an island, or a film set, or a plane, through that door is a house. A normal expensive kind of house where you're 20 will live for the next 90 or less days! So let's bring out the first 10 housgests!"

The screen showed a picture of 10 silhouettes of former contstants. The screen then showed a video of the plane landing. Inside they saw parts of contestants. They saw a black pants, a hand running through blonde hair, a pair of boots tapping the floor, a pair of gray eyes glaring, they saw hand sanitizer getting rubbed on a pair of dark hands, filing nails, a tapping finger in a pink glove, a shark tooth carving a a wooden knife, a hand reaching into a peanut bag and moving around, and a hand flipping the page of a book. They walked out in a single file line into the building. only their feet were seen. "Please welcome our first ten contestants: Trent! Alejandro! Heather! Amy! Cameron! Sugar! Ella! Scott! Izzy! And Noah!" Chris announced as they walked on stage. They waved and smiled to the audience. "Welcome you 10 to Total Drama Randomness!" They clapped and cheered. "So what are you waiting for? Go!" Chris said. Everyone ran into the house.

Izzy came in first squeeling and jumping off walls. Everyone started mingling immediatley. "Hey! I'm Trent!" Trent greeted. "I'm Sugar! You see, I'm gonna win this pageant, so you might as well just leave cuz I will win!" Sugar said as everyone but Ella and Izzy glared at her. "Whatever." Heather replied.

Heather: So this Sugar girl walks in and talks like she's in a pageant. I'm not sure she actually competed.

Everyone mingles and start exploring the house. "Uh. There's only like 5 bed in each room. And I don't think it's just us 10." Amy complained. "Quit yo yapping and pick a bed!" Sugar yelled as she jumped on the bed.

Sugar: Amy just complains...complains...complains...and complains! She'll never win a pageant!

"Well I'm not sure how many people are going to be here, but I will get my own bed." Noah stated as he laid on a bed. "You can have that one! I got a hammock! No one is gonna try and abduct me when I'm sleeping! Take that aliens!" Izzy said as she jumped on her hammock. "What about outside? I think there's something there!" Ella asked as she skipped outside. Everyone went outside and became excited. "Guys! I found the booze!" Sugar yelled. Everyone gasped. "I mean the beer!" Everyone gasped again. "OH! Root Beer! Pfftt. I knew that!" Everyone sighed with relief. "Stupid." Heather mumbled as she walked inside.

The scene faded into the logo, and Chris was right next to the TV. "Little do they know that 10 more players will come in! Find out who they are right after this!" Chris said as the audience cheered and clapped.

Total Drama Cast Sings "I Wanna Be Famous"-0

Total Drama Cast Sings "I Wanna Be Famous"-0

Yo must watch in order to read the episode :P

"Welcome back to Total Drama Randomness! Instead of showing you the next 10 contestants, we're gonna do the first HOH challenge!" Chris said. Inside the house people were talking and drinking sodas. "Attention losers," Chris said over the TV,"It's time for your first immunity challenge! Everyone go to the backyard now!" Everyone ran to the backyard and saw ropes hanging from a beam. "Your challenge is: You're each gonna hang onto the rope. That's it. There also may be some obstacles. So everyone get ready!" Chris said. Everyone got onto their rope. "The challenge starts now!" Everyone just hanged there.

Scott: So we're just hanging there doing nothing until chocolate chips start coming out of the beam.

Everyone is pelted with chocolate chips. "Ak!" Heather yelled. "Oof!" Trent grunted. "WOOHOO!" Sugar squeeled in delight. "You're insane Chris! You too Sugar!" Heather said.

Heather: She's actually eating the chocolate chips! No one eats the weapons used against them!
Trent: It hurt so bad.
Cameron: Aah!
Noah: Oo!
Ella: Bahh!
Amy: KEE!
Sugar: They were so yummy.

Cameron fell off. "Cameron is out of the challenge!" Chris announced. A chocolate chip somehow hit Noah in the kiwis and he fell. "Ouch! Eh, don't care. Noah is out!"

Amy: My legs were wrapped around the rope. I had to win.

Amy started shaking. A chocolate chip hit her eye. "OWWW!" Amy said as she grabbed her eye and fell. "OUCH!" Amy shrieked. "Amy is out! Now what's a cookie without a glass of milk?" Chris said as milk dropped from the beam. "YAY!" Sugar yelled. She opened her mouth and milk poured in, but the milk was very forceful, so it pushed her off. "Sugar is out!" "Aww poop knuckles!" Sugar complained. "Good try Sugar! You'll get it next time!" Ella complimented.

Sugar: Ella acts all nice,  but Sugar can see through her singy face!

"You've gone way too fay McLean!" Alejandro said as her tightened his grip. "Eww! The milk got in my mouth!" Heather complained as she dropped out. "Aww too bad. But you're out! Alejandro, Ella, Izzy, Trent, and Scott remain!"

Ella: My rope started to get sticky and weird. I smelled it and it smelled like...

Ella screamed and let go of her rope. "D-d-d-og hair D:! Sugar laughed aloud.

Sugar: Not only did she lose, but she screamed and hurt her butt! *laughs uncontrollably*

"Man this hurts!" Trent said. "Time for the cookie dough!" Chris said as cookie dough clmps pelted the houseguests. "Not worth it!" Trent said as he came down. "Last three!"

Izzy: So I had chocolate chips, then milk, then cookie dough! Best. Day. EVERRRRRRRR!

Izzy started eating the cookie dough and licking it off her rope. "Hey! If you two drop, I promise I won't nominate you!" Alejandro offered. "Why should we believe you?!" Scott asked. "Because if you do you wouldn't have to go through what's behind you!" Alejandro said. "What?" Scott said as he turned to Izzy. "HAHA!" Izzy laughed as she threw cookie dough into Scott's eyes. "MY EYES!" Scott screamed as he let go. "You got yourself a deal, you better not put me up!" Izzy said as she jumped down. "Alejandro wins the HOH competition!" Heather ran up to hug him.

Alejandro: I'm immune, right where I'm supposed to be. I just have to think about who I'll put up.

Everyone took they're showers, dried off, and got into some clothes. All of a sudden the ten heard footsteps. "What in the world?" Sugar said.

Sugar: Then I hear these footsteps...
Izzy: The aliens are coming HIDE!
Alejandro: I'm just like, "Oh no!"
Cameron: The game has just gotten a whole lot harder.

Ten more contestants just entered the room.

Scott: And then I see one of my nemisisissses. Or nemisi. A nemesis, better.
Heather: Crud.
Alejandro: This can't be happening.
Trent: Then I see her...
Sugar: The face of evil...
Izzy: The most evilest, cruelest, annoying thing on earth.
Courtney: I'm baack!

Everyone started in awe. Low and behold, Courtney. Followed by Mike, Jasmine, Dawn, Duncan, Dave, Sammy, Scarlett, Max and Lightning. Dave came in and glared at everyone, so did Max, Courtney, and Scarlett. "Ew. Heather." Courtney said. "Ew. Courtney." Heather replied.

Heather: Courtney is so stupid. I mean seriously, grossness. And she plays the worst gameplay. And both of her exes suck. Ugh. She's going down, again.
Courtney: The only thing that's bad about this game, is Heather. I mean seriously, she is so...UGGGHH! I hate her!

"Spare Me! EW! What are you doing here? Get out! This is my game!" Amy demanded. "I'm here to win, Amy! And you won't get in my way once I win the HOH challenge!" Sammy told Amy. "Actually, I have already won chica."  Alejandro interrupted. "Actually," Chis said over the TV,"There will be 2 HOH competitions! Alejandro has already won one. And the other one for the new 10 starts in a few minutes! So go to the backyard now."  "WOOHOO! Another challenge! YEAH!" Izzy said excitedly.

Dawn: I'm here! Yay, I guess. I sense great evil in one of our house and- What? A cheese burger? Probably one of Max's cravings.

Everyone walked out to the backyard and saw a bar hang across the pool. "Your challenge is to hang upside-down on the bar, last one standing wins the second HOH competition. The challenge starts now."

Mike: I could feel myself slipping from the bar, but I had to just pull myself.

Dawn hung completely still. "The blood travels to your brain at a 2.5 flow per second. The results end in either weariness, your vision becoming redder, and slight illusions." Scarlett stated. "Shut up minion I-" Max started, but Scarlett hit the bar and Max fell. "I am not your minion!" Scarlett said furiously. "Well you could've just said so!" Max said. "I feel so light-headed..." Sammy said.

Sammy: If I fell, I could've been evicted. But Amy's not HOH so I did what would make me feel better.

Sammy dropped out. "If you calculate your body mass times your durability, you would get the time of how long you can stay without you getting the results. And also pure pressure on your chest can hurt your breathing pattern." Scarlett said.

Scarlett: Obviously, I am the smartest one here. If there was a puzzle challenge or anything that can be mental or remembering challenges. Durability and strength are not my thing.

Scarlett dropped out. "Is this bar  germy? What kind of germs are on here. And how many? Oh my gosh! Get me off of this thing!!" Dave screamed.

Courtney: This guy, Dave, He's afraid of germs. I find him annoying. But he might be a great ally.

Dave dropped out. Courtney dropped out.

Dave: Courtney drops out right after me. Maybe she wants to look at my butt. Or maybe if I lose, she loses because she admires me. She's in love with me.

"I can go all day! You might as well drop out now!" Duncan said. "Lightning- going- all- da-" Lightning said as he fell.

Duncan: I think I got this challenge in the bag. A creepy girl and a MPD freak are left. Piece of cake. But the blood got to my head.

Duncan fell. "It's down to Mike and Dawn!" Chris announced. "I won't nominate you if you fall! Listen, I will nt nominate you, I will not let Alejandro nominate you, just drop." Mike offered. "Your aura reads that you do not lie. I take your word for it." Dawn replied. She dropped out. "Mike wins second HOH!" Chris announced. Everybody went up to congratulate him.

Everyone dried off and got dressed. Max started walking through the house looking for an ally.

Max: Now is the time to find myself a sidekick. Someone athletic. Someone strong. Someone gullible. Then it hits me. Lightning!

Max pulled Lightning into the relaxation room. "I think you should be my sidekick." Max stated. Lightning looked confused. "In other words...Your Coach Max?" "Of course coach!" Lightning agreed.

Max: He is so stupid.

Jasmine, Sammy, and Scarlett were talking in a room. "I know that you're evil, Scarett, but I think that we should form an alliance. No one would see us in an alliance, and we're all Team Kinosewak members. What do you say?" Jasmine asked. "I like the idea of it. I'll join." Scarlett said. "I'll join, but we need an alliance name!" Sammy said. "The Good, Bad, and the Survivalist?" Jasmine suggested."I'm fine with that." Sammy agreed.

"So who are you gonna put up?" Mike asked Alejandro. "I don't know, I said I won't put up Izzy. And you won't put up Dawn. Put up weak players." Alejandro responded. "The weak people are Max, Noah, Sammy, Ella, Cameron, and Dave," Mike said,"I won't put up Cameron. How about I put up Ella and Noah or something."

"And that's all you get! We'll see you next time for the Battle of the Block on Total Drama Randomness." Chris said.

Day 2Edit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, The cast was introduced with 20 old contestants. They were put in a house and did 2 HOH competitions. Alejandro won the first one, and Mike won the second HOH. While Max and Lightning aligned quickly, while Sammy, Jasmine, and Scarlett formed an alliance. Who will be in the third alliance, and who will be nominated? And what will our contestants do for fun? Find out now on Total Drama Randomness!"

Amy: So I'm talking to Alejandro about nominating Spare Me. She's so ugly and pointless. I wish I wasn't a twin, if I could've killed her in my mom's womb, she would've never been here!

"I think you  should nominate Samey." Amy suggested. "Why?" Alejandro asked. "Because she's weak, and she doesn't deserve to stay." Amy told him. "I don't know, I don't trust her, but I can find her as a useful ally." Alejandro responded. "Your choice. But do what's best for you and your game." Amy said. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Alejandro: Amy comes up to me and tells me to nominate Samey. Then she kisses me! I need to warn Heather!

Alejandro was running through the house yelling Heather's name. "O hi Ale-hot-dro! Who are who looking for?" Amy asked. "Heather. So uh, please let go of me!" Alejandro commanded. "I know who your actually looking for. Me." Amy said seductively. Right there Heather came out and Amy kissed Alejandro. Heather gasped and ran away. Alejandro pulled Amy off of him.

Alejandro: Amy is going down!
Amy: Sure Al is hot, but that was all game-play. Now Heather will be mad and will put up Alejandro when she gets the chance.
Heather: Seriously! Alejandro, I loved you! *sniffles* I guess it was just game-play on Al's side. *sniffle* *cries*

Heather is seen crying in a room. "What's the matter Queen Bee?" Sugar asked. "Alejandro kissed Amy!" Heather sobbed.

Sugar: Cheating is wrong. I know it's a game but still, you cheaters, are bad people.

"Have you ever thought that Amy kissed Alejandro? It is a game, you know." Sugar said. Heather gasped. "I guess you're right. I'm gonna talk to him about it." Heather left the room to find Alejandro. She found him in a room talking to Mike, Duuncan, Scott, and Dawn. "Listen, I'm so sorry yo had to see it. Amy kissed me. Amy is disgusting! I was even thinking about nominating her." Alejandro pleaded. "I know she kissed you. I just came in here to tell you that. Wait. Are you making an alliance?" Heather asked. "Uh..." "I'm in!" Heather said. "Perfect!" Alejandro exclaimed.

Heather: Now that the kissing incident is over, it's time to get my head in the game and get Amy out. She really messed with our heads.

"She did have a nice strategy." Scott remarked. "Besides, we need a majority alliance to rule this game." Dawn said. "So what should our name be?" Mike asked. "The Fantastic Five!" Alejandro suggested.

Heather: My main alliance. The Fantastic Five. Consisting of Me, Alejandro, Scott, Dawn, and Mike. We are gonna dominate this game.

"So nominate the weak people and Amy!" Heather said. "I think Amy is more stronger the Samey. I will put up Sammy for sure." Alejandro said. "I can't stand Ella or Dave." Mike said "Me neither! Alejandro nominate Sammy and Dave! Mike nominate Ella and Noah or something!" Scott said.

Scott: All I have to do is tell the HOH's who to nominate and I'll be running this game.

"I think that would be the best idea." Dawn said. "I agree." "Totally." "Perfect!"

Izzy walked by the living room and saw something. "Guys! Nominations today!" she yelled.

Izzy: Nominations today! I just hope that Alejandro keeps his promise and doesn't nominate me.
Trent: I haven't told anyone who to vote. I guess I'm under the radar.
Alejandro: As HOH I have to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I know who to vote and I won't be sorry about them.

Alejandro placed two people's keys in their slots.

Mike: I don't know how my nominations will react once I nominate them. I just hope they're not that bad.

Mike and Alejandro went downstairs into the living room for the Nomination Ceremony. "The first housegest I have nominated is..." turns key and picture of Dave shows up.

Dave: Well what do you know? I get nominated! Alejandro must go home!

"The second houseguest I have nominated is..." turns key and a picture of Sammy. "I have nominated you Dave and you Samey." Alejandro said. "Uh it's Sammy." Sammy corrected. "Dave. You are weak and your germ-a-phobic ways are annoying. Samey." "It's Sammy!" Sammy corrected again. "You are weak. That is all."

Sammy: Not only did he nominate me, he also said Samey instead of Sammy!

"The first houseguest I have nominated is..." Mike said as he turned Ella's key. "The second houseguest I have nominated is..." He turned a key and Noah's picture was on the screen. "I have nominated you Ella and you Noah. Ella, you are weak and annoying around the house. Noah you are weak but mentally strong, I wish you two the best of luck."

Ella: I'm annoying and weak? I had no idea! I think I'm strong and not annoying.
Noah: Great...I'm stuck with a Disney princess. I did like Mike's compliment of me being mentally strong.
Izzy: WOOHOO! I'm safe! Why is this chair red? Oh oh oh!! Why is this room green? IT'S CHRISTMAS! OHAI CHRIS! I'm on TV! WOOHOO!

Dave pulled Alejandro into a room. "Annoying? HOW AM I ANNOYING?! I don't have a problem with germs!" Dave yelled. Alejandro threw a dirty shirt at Dave. Dave freaked out and threw the shirt off of him.

Alejandro: Mhm. Not afraid of germs...

"WHY THE- Oh uh...I mean...Oh a dirty shirt, so not freaking out over that." Dave said. Alejanddro glared at him. "That's why." Alejandro said. "Whatever!" Dave said as he left. Courtney pulled Dave into a room. "Listen, I-" Courtney began. "I know, I know. You love meand you wanna make out with me. I get it. And I wanna too." Dave interrupted. Courtney stood there in shock. "No! Ew! I just wanna align!" Courtney yelled. "Sure!" Dave agreed.

Dave: She so wants me.
Courtney: Gross. Not in a million years.
Sugar: SO I walk by a bedroom and BOOM! Lovesick Dave and Courtney start an alliance! They think they can play this game better.

"So are you in?" Cameron asked. "Yes." "Sure." "Of course." "Sha-Lightning's in!"

Cameron: So my alliance consists of Noah, Scarlett, Max, and Lightning. I'm gonna try a different approach to the game. Chris put me on the villains team for a reason.

"Name your alliance: Team Explosivo!" Izzy suggested. "Izzy! AAHH!" Cameron screamed as he hid behing Scarlett. "If you don't let me in, I'll tell everyone about it. So. Am I in?" Izzy asked. "Uh...okay..." Cameron said unsure. "Team Explosivo it is..." Noah said.

Noah: I can trust Izzy, but not with my life. Besides, I haven't really seen her in gameplay.
Scarlett: My real align is Team Explosivo, I'm just using Jasmine and Sammy to get farther. I am so running this game.
Izzy: Final six! WOOHOO!

"Tine is next time for the Battle of the Block!" Chris said.

Day 3Edit

"Last time on Total Drama Randomness, Amy kissed Alejandro to make Heather mad at him. But ultimately, Alejandro, Heather, Mike, Scott, and Dawn formed an alliance. During the nomination ceremony, Alejandro nominated Sammy and Dave, while Mike nominated Ella and Noah. Dave and Courtney alligned. Cameron made an alliance with Scarlett, Noah, Max, and Lightning. But when Izzy showed up, she joined and named it Team Explosivo. Who will win BOTB, and who will be in the next alliance? Find out now on Total Drama Randomness!"

"Where is the Yogurt? I must have my daily protein!" Max said rudely. "Shut up and eat your oatmeal!" Scarlett told him.

Scarlett: Max is coming to annoy me, again. He must be evicted at once. He is in my alliance, so I will keep him close. Not for long. I already suspect a partnership between him and Lightning, but no matter. As long as I run this game, I am invincible.

"Okay listen peeps!" Lightning called. "Sha-Lightning's gonna do a backflip!" Lightning jumped backwards and landed in his groinal area. "Sha-mommy!" He whined. "Stop chattering you blubbering Bufoon!

Max: Lightning is... very... how do I put this...brainless.

Dawn walked in the pantry to get some salad. She was walking to the door when the door opened in front of her. Scott was there. "Oh. Hey Dawn." Scott greeted. "Hey Scott." She replied. They both blushed and smiled. "I was just l-" Dawn started. "I know." Scott said. Then they did that thing where they both go to the same side and try to get out. Finally they got out of that.

Dawn: That was a weird encounter. I can read his aura and I'm delighted.
Scott: I totally forgot Dawn was an aura-reader. Ugh.
Sammy: So today is the Battle of the Block competition. I have to try my hardest to stay safe, dethrone Alejandro, and show Amy that I can win something.
Noah: I'm a little scared about today's BOTB. I'm stuck with a princess wanna-be. This is going to be hard. Wish me luck.

Izzy came out. "It's time for the Battle of the Block! Everyone put on your casuals and head to the backyard!" She said. Everyone went outside.

Dave: So I walk outside and I see all of these huge blocks everywhere. Some were red, some were blue. And I'm like, how many germs are there on there?

"So here's how it works, each pair will have to build their three layer puzzle based on their team's color. Alejandro's are red, Mike's are blue. You have to retrieve your blocks from the ball pit, pull them out, and build, the part of the puzzle must be shown on the outside. Once you have the puzzle completed, you are gonna open the cubes, in search for the buzzer. First team to finish their puzzle correctly and ring the buzzer, win the challenge, dethrone the person who nominated you, and cannot be a replacement nominee. So...on your mark...GO!" Ella and Dave sprinted to their pair's ballpit. Ella jumped in. Dave hesitated. "It's germy...!" Dave whined. "JUST GET IN!!" Sammy shouted.

Sammy: Idiot.

Sammy ran up and pushed him in. "Now get the cube!" Sammy yelled.

Amy: Wow. Samey is yelling at him and blah blah blah. I'm impressed.

Ella came up with her first cube.

Ella: The challenge was easy. Just turn the cube and find the puzzle side of it.

Noah came up with one. "These two are side-by-side ones! Good job Noah!" Ella said. "Thanks." Noah said.

Noah: Even though she's annoying, she's actually really nice.

Sammy came up with her cube. and put it in place. Dave came out to take breath. "So...dirty..."Dave said. Sammy sighed and jumped back in the pit.

1 2

Sammy came up with another while Noah and Ella both got a cube. After a while, here were the scores:

5 8

Courtney: So Sammy has 5 and Ella and Noah have 8. Dave hasn't gotten anything, he's too busy drowning in the ball pit. *facepalms*

Ella came up with the last cube. She ran to her puzzle and placed it. "The Red Team is done! They just have to find their buzzer!" Izzy announced. Ella and Noah took it apart, ripped open their cubes, and looked. Dave came up with one. "Ugh! Finally!" Dave gasped. Ella ripped open her cube and pressed the buzzer. "Sorry, I mixed up the team color stuff. But Ella and Noah win!!" Izzy said. Suddenly, a huge block came out of the sky and dropped on Mike. "Ouch!" Mike groaned.

Mike: There goes my HOH stuff. Oh well, at least I'm nice so I won't be a replacement nominee.

"That's all we have for today! Tune in next time for Total Drama Randomness!!"

Day 4Edit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, the two pairs went head to head in a puzzle game. Izzy got the teamss wrong, but Noah and Ella won the challenge leaving Sammy and Dave in the two nominee seats. Who will be chosen for the power of veto. Will Duncan try to play the game? And will Dawn and Scott fall for each other. Find out right here on Total Drama Randomness!"

Sugar woke up and joined everyone else for breakfast. "Where's the blueberry pie?" Sugar asked. "Well we-" Ella began. "I said, WHERE IS THE BLUEBERRY PIE!" Sugar yelled. "We don't have any pageant loser." Duncan told her. Sugar sighed. Ella patted her on the back. "Don't touch me and use your evil hands on me!" Sugar yelled. "I-" Ella said.

Ella: I just want to be Sugar's friend. What is wrong with that.

Izzy sucked on a lolipop. "What's up  guys?" Izzy's words were muffled by the lolipop. Scott ate his pancakes. "These are so good!" Scott remarked. "Sha-Lightning likes this steak!" Lightning said as he stuck bacon in his mouth. "Embicil!" Max mumbled. Scarlett finsihed her bowl of oatmeal. Dawn finished her tofu. Sugar came out with bananas. "Banana party!" she announced. "WOOHOO!" Izzy cheered as she took a banana and ate it in one bite.

Sugar: that is seems trustable, I think I could take her to the top two. And she's pretty cool. Did you see her eat that banana? Yeah, she's definitely good!
Izzy: OMG! Sugar is sooo fun! She is so strong and her style is just awesome!

"I think you and me should form an alliance. What do you say?" Sugar suggested. "OMG! For sure! But we might need someone else." Izzy said. "I don't really trust anyone." "I trust Noah!" Izzy said. Izzy called Noah. "What do you two want?" Noah asked. "Join our alliance Noah!" Izzy said. "Okay..." Noah said. "We need a name." Sugar said. "The Losers." Noah said. "No no. I'm thinking...Team Escope 2.0!" Izzy suggested. "YES! Perfect!" Sugar agreed. "Fine." Noah sighed.

Noah: Team Escope 2.0 all the way...this is going to be a long ride.

Lightning, Scott, and Duncan were outside talking. Lightning was lifting weights while Scott and Duncan played pool. "The game looks easy so far,, I mean the two weakest players are up on the block, and I want all the weaklings out and keep so I can mess with." Duncan told them. "Sha-Lightning thinks that Dave should go, then Samey, then Noah, then Ella, then Dawn, then all the people that Lightning can crush!" Lightning told them. "I rather put weak people on the block, win the power of vet, choose one that I hate the most, then replace them with a threat. Perfect strategy, then when all threats are gone, keep winning HOH and get all the weaklings out." "Nice!" Duncan approved.

Duncan: Scott told me the perfect plan. Sucker doesn't know what's gonna hit him.

"Lightning likes competition, he wants stronger ones in the house. Being trained by Coach Max, I'm goin' to the top!"

Noah: This season, I'm going to actually play the game, win HOH's, backstab people, even eavesdrop on people. SO I have to make as many fake loyalties as I can, I'm in two alliances, I'm playing Team Explosivo. I'm gonna start with some gullible.

Noah was on the hammock with Amy. "I think we should align, I mean we can play everyone and just totally take everyone by surprise." Noah whispered. "OMG, yes. No one would see it coming. So who are your targets?" Amy whispered back. "Definately Alejandro and Heather." Noah said. "Samey and Heather for sure." Amy said.

Amy: I think Noah and I can go far in this game.
Noah: She literally just told me who she's targeting. Loser...

Amy went into the bathroom. Noah then yelled for a house meeting. Everyone came in. "Okay everyone, Amy's in the bathroom so let's do this quick!" Sammy giggled. "Amy told me that she's targeting Sammy and Heather. That's why she kissed Alejandro, so she could mess with her, and of course she hates Sammy. That's it. Now get lost before she comes in a suspects something." Everyone then ran away. Sammy and Heather walked back together. "If she's targeting us, we have to work together." Heather told her. "As long as she gets out, I'm fine." Sammy said.

A few hours later, it was time for the Veto picking. "As Head of House, I will choose first." Alejandro said. He reached into the basket and held up the button. "Trent." Trent went up and stood by Alejandro. Sammy reached her hand in the basket and pulled up the button. "Scott." Scott smirked and stood beside Sammy. "Uh is it clean in there?" Dave asked. He put his hand in and oulled up a button. "Cameron." Cameron went up and stood by Dave. "This veto picking is agernd." Alejandro said.

"That's it! Tuen in next time for the Veto comp. Who will in the Veto Copetition and will it be used to save either Sammy or Dave. Find out next time on Total Drama Randomness."

Day 5Edit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, with Noah and Ella safe, Sugar, Izzy, and Noah formed Escope 2.0. Noah just kept on forming fake loyalties. Noah offered Amy an alliance. Amy then spilled the beans about her wanting Sammy and Heather out. Noah then called a house meeting while Amy was in the bathroom and told everyone about. With everyone as Amy as their target, and not being chosen for the veto, will she manipulate someone into saving her, or will she be the replacement nominee? Find out right here on Total Drama Randomness!"

Amy walked in and everyone glared at her. "Ugh. What's with you guys today?!" Amy asked. Heather gave her the sharpest glare. Amy glared back. "Creep." Amy retorted. Heather laughed evily.

Heather: This is so funny. Noah spilled the beans about Amy wanting me and Sammy out. Everyone's against her and she's not in the veto competition. And there's no way that Alejandro won't switch her out with someone else because he's not stupid.

"You think that you can trust anyone! We know who you're targeting and you're the next one gone!" Courtney. "But I never told anyone, let alone dropped any hints!" Amy yelled. "Ugh! Amy don't play dumb!" Courtney yelled. Some people were in shock. Noah smiled. Dawn covered her ears. "GGGGGAAAAAAAHHH!!" Amy screamed as she jumped on Courtney. Courtney and Amy had tackled each other bad. Courtney came out with a broken ankle and a few strands of hair taken out. Amy had a bloody nose. "I obviously won!" Courtney said. She then collapsed on the floor, then Amy on top of her.

Duncan: *laughs* Best, Fight. *laughs*
Sammy: That's what you get for targeting me! *laughs*
Noah: Well this is nice.

Izzy came out dressed up as a peanut. "It's time for the veto competition! Everyone head to the backyard and get ready eat good!" Izzy yelled. Everyone went outside and saw a plate standing on top of a pillar. Alejandro walked up to the red plate, Cameron to the green, Scott to the yellow, Sammy to the purple, Trent to the aqua, and Dave to the blue. "So today you will be eating your way to the power of veto! Under your platter is a disgusting meal, you must eat it completely, run back and ring your buzzer. Last person each round is out, when it comes to the last two, the last two will eat three meals and ring your buzzer in between, after you finish your last plate, you will run up and grab the Power of Veto necklace." Izzy explained as she read off the paper.

Trent: Great, I disgusting meal challenge... I don't think that I will win this.

"Please lift your platter for the first meal!" Everyone lifted their platters and were disgusted. "5. Live. Worms!" Everyone was close to barfing. Trent dropped the worm into his mouth and let the worm wiggle. He then swallowed. "Gross!" he complained.

Courtney:  I see them just eat the worms and ew! Gross!

Sammy just finished her last worm. "Sammy's done!" Scott ate his last worm. Cameron finished him. "My body is a temple, and this will not help." Alejandro complained. Trent finished his last worm and gasped. Dave had his last worm in his hand and stuffed it in his mouth and ran to get his buzzer. "Dave finishes! Alejandro is out!" Alejandro sighed and walked to everyone else. "Next!" Everyone opened their platters and gasped. There lay a single, a deadly.......................................................... TOTAL DRAMA YUM YUM HAPPY GO TIME CANDY FISHTAILS. "Eat it, ring the buzzer. And you're safe. GO!" Scott popped it in his mouth. "Yum!" Scott said, smiling. Sammy looked over at Scott as he rung the buzzer. Cameron at his and rung his buzzer, then he lay puking on the ground in pain. Sammy ate hers and rung her buzzer. Dave just pinched his nose, swallowed it, and rung his buzzer. "Trent is out!" Trent walked over.

Dave: They keep on getting grosser!

They opened their platters, and there lay a bowl of paste. It took 20 minutes for everyone to chew it. Scott rung his buzzer. Cameron rung his too. Sammy ran over and rung hers. "Dave is out!"

Dave: Good thing Amy is targeted.

"This is it! I know what I said, blah blah blah! But you must take 10 shots of Chef's mystery meat!" Izzy said. Everyone glared at her while they drank. Cameron finished his first and puked. Scott finished his eighth one while Sammy her seventh. Scott finished his last two and rung his buzzer. "Scott wins the Power of Veto!" Izzy said. Everyone ran up to congratulate him.

Everyone was talking inside. "I should've been chosen and won. I would've put you ALL up! Ugh! You know, I was a CIT. I have personal experience with challenging and trust-building things. I will win this game and beat all of you losers." Courtney bragged. "You can not. Just not be still on that. Let me take you in on something... NO ONE CARES!!" Amy shouted. Courtney gasped. "Everyone cares!" Courtney yelled back. Everyone said in unison. "WE DON'T CARE!!" Courtney stormed off. Sugar sipped her water and put it down. "Alejandro. Let's evict her." she said.

"Tune in next time to see who Scott will save, and who will Alejandro will put up in their place. Find out next time on Total Drama Randomness!!"

Day 6Edit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, with Amy as a target, everyone is gunning for, and mostly Courtney. Courtney and Amy had a smewhat bloody battle and definately put targets on both of their backs. At the veto, Alejandro, Cameron, Scott, Sammy, Trent, and Dave went into an eat-off to decidde the winner. Scott won it by finisheing his 10 shots of Chef's mystery meat. Will Scott save Sammy or Dave? And will Alejandro go through with the plan to evict Amy? And will Courtney ever shut up about being a CIT? Find out right now on Total Drama Randomness!"

Alejandro: Now that Courtney's back on her CIT rant, I'm doubting I should put up Amy.

Amy and Courtney glared at eachother while eating their cereal. Amy finished and put her bowl on Courtney's head. "I like you hat!" Amy apporved. "I do too!" Sugar mocked. Courtney stomped off to the bathroom to clean up. Everyone laughed. Amy got Alejandro in a room. "I know that I did some bad things but I mean Courtney is just pissing me off. Whoever Scott saves, you wouldd put me up. But everyone hates Courtney and no one will be sad!" Amy protested. "True. True. But you must promise that you will do anything in your power to save me!" Alejandro commanded. "Sure. Okay. Whatever! Just don't put me up!" Amy said.

Alejandro: Do I want Amy to be my bodyguard or backstab her, just backstab her later and get rid of Courtney. Hard choice...

"Guys, we should have a piggy-back race!" Izzy suggested. "Uh..." Alejandro said. Heather got on Alejandro, Noah on Izzy, and Cameron on Mike. Mike fell and Cameron landed on top. Izzy jumped on top of Alejandro and Heather, front-flipped over the line. Noah fell off, petrified on fear.

Izzy: That was awesome! I wanna do it again!
Noah: Um..Ow. Never doing that again.

"Okay everyone! Time for the meeting." Scott called. There was a woo and everyone jumped on the couch.

Scott: As the veto holder, I either gotta save someone or leave the nominations the same.

"Well, it was hard. Like, who deserves and who's just weak and just needs to go. But due to how the Battle of the Block went down, I'm going to save...................... Samey." Scott said. "It's Sammy! And thanks!" Sammy said as she took the necklace and put it on her. Amy sighed.

Sammy: Yes! Thank you Scott! I get to live another week. In your face Amy!
Amy: If Al keeps his promise, I'm safe and Courtney's gone!

"Alejandro, you will now have to put up someone other than me, Sammy, Noah, or Ella." Scott said. "I will replace Samey with Courtney, Courtney please take your seat, you are now a nominee." Alejandro said.

Courtney: OH COME ON! Each time I go to an elimination, I'm always in danger. And I'm put up with my only ally!! Ugh! Amy must've been behind this! If I get saved, Amy will be evicted next week!

"Looks like one of us is gonna go." Dave said. "What was your next clue, Captain Idiot!" Courtney yelled. Dave rolled his eyes. "Hopefully you go." Dave mumbled as he left. Courtneey growled.

Courtney: He disgusts me! He better go! If not... I will blow up the house! GAAAAAHHH

The Fantastic Five was in the HOH room. "Courtney goes, obviously! No one can stand her or Dave! Dave will go next week, Courtney now!" Heather said. "Don't worry, darling. Tomorrow, Courtney will be unanimously evicted and Dave will also be unanimously evicted next week. No need to get upset." Alejandro comforted. "What if Dave wins HOH? What if his nominees lose! And he puts up one of us!" Heather said. "You keep on putting up scenarios that won't happen." Dawn consulted.

Heather: The fact that I have to share a house with these losers for weeks is stupid! I'll win. Period

"That's our show today folks! Find out next time who will be evicted, and who will win the Head of Household competition! Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA RANDOMNESS!"

Day 7 and Live EvictionEdit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, Scott used his POV to save Sammy. Alejandro made a deal with Amy to be his servant for the rest of the game. with Sammy safe, Alejandro kept his word and put Courtney up. Since everyone hates Courtney, will they evict her, or will they just evict Dave? Find out now on Total Drama Randomness!"

Courtney: I only have a few hours to show that I can stay.

"Would you like a foot rub, Max? Or how about a chocolate shake, Sugar?" Courtney asked. Max and Sugar just glared at her.

Sugar: Saving her butt from being kicked out of the pageant! Pfft. Suck ups always go!

Courtney sighed and walked away. Scott walked up. "Can't we just evict her!" he said. "I wish, but we must wait until the proper time, the only other way is for her to quit the game." Scarlett said. "Maybe, but she won't give up without a fight." Cameron said. "You guys have to be patient. Courtney's gonna go, no need to get impatient." Jasmine said. "I just want her gone and gone for good!" Amy said as she went down and laid in bed.

Scott and Dawn were laying in the hammock while Duncan and Alejandro were playing pool. "We could be the behind the scene alliance thing. No one would see us two working together." Scott suggested. "Possibly. But we must avoid all of the master strategists to go to the top." Dawn agreed. "Worth a shot." Scott said. Dawn smiled.

Team Explosivo was sitting in a room. "Now that Courtney's up, do we get rid of her or Dave?" Cameron asked. "Both. Both of them are extremely annoying and have horrible gameplay and are not worthy of being a citizen once I take over the world!" Max said. "You can't evict both and you will not rule the world!" Scarlett spoke coldly. "SILENCE MINION!!" Max shouted. Scarlett growled, then Max wimpered in fear. Noah rolled his eyes. "How about Courtney, I mean seriously, she's strong, she's smart, and a huge target. Dave week's evictee." Noah said. "Works for Lightning!" Lightning exclaimed. Lightning left the room. Max followed, then Noah. "All of them are idots! So...allies?" Cameron asked evily. Scarlett smirked.

Scarlett: Cameron...One of the nicest players in Total Drama History wants to align with true evilness like me? That is...MARVELOUS!

Alejandro and Heather were making-out in the HOH room. Ella walked in. "Would you like to hear a song?" Ella asked. A shoe hit her face and she fell backwards. They laughed and continued.

Ella: But everyone likes to be cheered up with a song. :(

Lightning was working on his hair. "How do I make it regular again? I got struck by lightning! I mean, that's just bad!" Lightning said. Sugar came in. "Need help? Just call the Sugar number. That's 1-800-SUCK-ITUP!" she advertised. There was then a cloud of poof and sha-bam! Lightning's hair was back to normal. "Thanks, Sugar!" Lightning complimented as he looked in the mirror. Sugar winked at the camera. "That's 1-800-SUCK-ITUP. Call now for your makeover today! It's only for $100! Look better today!"

"I thought I was the only one to do ads! Ugh! Anyway! We'll be back with the Live Eviction votes right after this!" Chris said.

Iggy Azalea - 'Black Widow’ Teaser ft

Iggy Azalea - 'Black Widow’ Teaser ft. Rita Ora

Go watch and buy it on iTunes

"Everyone, please report to the living room for the first Live Eviction!" Chris said through the TV. Everyone walked in. Courtney and Dave sat in the two chairs, everyone else shared the couches. "It is time to choose either Dave or Courtney to walk out the door and be eliminated from this game. Courtney and Dave, being nominees, you cannot vote, and Alejandro also cannot vote. But before you vote, the nominees have a chance to give you a reason to save them selves. Dave we'll start with you." Dave stood up. "Okay. I think I'm a great competitor-" Dave began. Everyone giggled a little. "And I think I deserve to stay more than Courtney." he said. Dave took a seat and Courtney stood up. Courtney pulled out a list. "Where do I start..." Courtney said. "Please do not  read that entire thing!" Duncan said. Courtney glared at him. "Well I-" She began. "That's time! Okay, now vote! Heather is up first." Chris interrupted. Heather got up and walked to the diary room.

Heather: I vote to evict Courtney.

Heather left. Scott came in.

Scott: I vote to evict Courtney.

Scott left. Scarlett came in.

Scarlett: I vote to evict Courtney.

Scarlett left. Ella came in.

Ella: I vote to evict Courtney.

Ella left. Noah came in.

Noah: I vote to evict Courtney.

Noah left. Izzy came in.

Izzy: I vote to evict Courtney.

Izzy left. Duncan came in.

Duncan: I vote to evict Courtney.

Duncan left. Max came in.

Max: I vote to evict Courtney.

Max left. Lightning came in.

Lightning: I vote to evict Courtney.

"With 9 votes to evict, Courtney will leave the house, but let's see what the others think." Chris said.

Dawn: I vote to evict Courtney.

Dawn left. Trent came in.

Trent: I vote to evict Courtney.

Trent left. Sammy came in.

Sammy: I vote to evict Courtney.

Sammy left. Cameron came in.

Cameron: I vote to evict Courtney.

Cameron left. Mike came in.

Mike: I vote to evict Courtney.

Mike left. Jasmine came in.

Jasmine: I vote to evict Courtney.

Jasmine left.

Jasmine sat back down. "Okay so now with the results... With 17 votes to evict... COurtney. You have been evicted from the Total Drama house. You have a few moments to get your stuff and say goodbye." Chris said. Courtney sighed and got up and grabbed her stuff. "I hope all of you get your punishments for voting me out!" Courtney retorted. Courtney came out the door. The audience cheered as she took the seat next to Chris.

"Welcome Courtney!" Chris greeted as he shook hands with her. "So. Are you surprised that you left? Any regrets?" CHris asked. "I was shocked. I mean, Dave is a weak player! I should've stayed! I was a CIT! My only regret was not killing Amy." Coutney ranted. "Well. I'm gonna spill ALL the beans. Alejandro, Mike, Heather, Scott, and Dawn are aligned. Sugar, Noah, and Izzy are too. Cameron is actually playing the game. Also, Dave is probably next out." Chris told her. "Ugh. I was so blind!" Courtney complained. "Here are some goodbye messages that some people sent you." Chris said.

Duncan: Courtney, I'm glad you're gone and I never want to see you again. I just think that you're so annoying, you never should've been in Total Drama.
Scott: Ya know, the house is a lot quieter without you.
Heather: Stupid CIT, annoying, attention-wanting...
Dave: I know you like me, but I'm too superior for you.
Heather: Dirtbag, evil, just totally crazy, up-tight...
Sugar: We're all very glad you're gone now.
Heather: Completely disgusting whore. Bye Bye!

"I never liked them anyway!" Courtney said as she rolled her eyes. "Well. That's our show for tonight! See us next week on Total Drama Randomness!" Chris said.

Week 2Edit

Day 8Edit

"Last week on Total Drama Randomness, twenty houseguests came into the house for a shot at one million dollars. Alejandro and Mike ended up winning the immunity challenges. After, Dave and Sammy lost the Battle of the Block, Amy accidentally told Noah her targets, making Alejandro wanted to put her up as the Post-Veto Nominee. Sctt won the Power of Veto and saved Sammy. Then Courtney went on her CIT rant again, making Alejandro and Amy team-up. Courtney was the replacement nominee, and was unanimously evicted. Who will win the Head of Household competition? And will anyone turn on their alliance? Find out right now on Total Drama Randomness!"

Dave: Courtney was evicted yesterday, and she was my only ally. I'm not a target, I'm just not good at challenges and they don't someone as great as me in the house! I guess it's bye time. Sad face. :(

Alejandro, Heather, Scarlett, Trent, Ella, and Duncan we're on the couches. Alejandro and Heather were snuggled, Ella's head was on Duncan's lap, and Scarlett and Trent were just sitting there. "The house is so quiet now! Heather said. Everyone took a deep breath and sighed with relief.

Heather: Courtney is gone. We can all get a decent sleep. WOOO!

Amy walked by. "All of you shut up so I can geet a nice sleep in the HOH room!" Amy said. "You are not HOH, I am." Alejandro replied. Amy rolled her eyes. Alejandro shuttered. Heather glared.

Alejandro: I think Amy is into me! Who isn't!? But she is sexually attracted to me...
Heather: If Alejandro is falling for...Amy!! Ugh! If he does then-
Amy: Heather thinks that she is the Total Drama Queen...WRONG!! Alejandro will be mine. MINE!!

Alejandro walked into his HOH room and gasped. "What the-! Are you-?" Alejandro gasped. Amy was in his bed, covered up by sheets. "Come on in." Amy said seductively. Alejandro looked in disgust. "Oh come on!" Amy complained. She got up off of the bed. Alejandro gasped agaiin. Amy was naked with her white boots on. Amy walked over to Alejandro and shut the door behind him. Alejandro stood there mortified. Amy put her arms around his neck. Amy leaned in fast and the next thing you know they were in the bed, making out.

Team Explosivo gathered in the parlor, except Izzy. "I think we should nominate Izzy. She's a physical and somewhat mental threat." Cameron suggested. "She's part of our alliance, though." Noah protested.

Noah: Team Explosivo, well, now Bling Band, Lightning's idea, wants Izzy out, I can't let them do that. I need to win HOH to make sure that doesn't happen, if Izzy or Sugar get put up, or separated, they may suspect something.

"Yeah, but she's crazy! And scary!" Cameron yelled. "One of us must win the competition in order to do that." Max said. "Easy-peezy!" Lightning squealed. Scarlett rolled her eyes.

Scarlett: Cameron is the only one that is sane. Max and Lightning are annoying, Noah is... okay... I guess. And Izzy. Izzy is insane! Izzy has to go, then Max, then Lightning. I'm sticking with Cameron.
Ella: I should make a few friends with the people I have not interacted with.

Ella skipped over to Noah while he was reading. "What do you want?" Noah asked, annoyed. "Would you want to hear a song?" Ella asked happily. Noah gasped. "Oh my gosh! I would totally not want to hear it." Noah said sarcastically. Ella sighed and skipped off.

"Attention Houseguests. It is time for the HOH competition. Head to the backyard!" Chris said over the TV. Everyone went to the backyard. "As you can see, 19 different colors, 1900 puzzle pieces in that pile, and 19 tables. Obviously you will have to do a 1000 piece puzzle. You have to find all puzzle pieces that are your color, that means your puzzle is the solid color. If you have all of them put in correctly, ring the buzzer and you win." Chris said.

Scarlett: Physical and Mental. Ugh.

Everyone had their color chosen. "GO!" Everyone ran to the pile, pushing each other. Alejandro ran back with a lot of his maroon pieces. Scarlett came back with her lime green ones, dumped them on the table, and ran back. Everyone started making trips back. After a few minutes here were the results:

Name Pieces Current Rank
Trent 27 6th
Alejandro 65 2nd
Jasmine 12 11th
Sugar 6 17th
Mike 10 13th
Scott 8 15th
Scarlett 108 1st
Noah 51 5th
Dave 9 14th
Sammy 19 10th
Amy 11 12th
Lightning 2 19th
Duncan 34 8th
Max 24 9th
Ella 25 7th
Dawn 57 4th
Izzy 64 3rd
Cameron 5 18th
Heather 9 16th

"This puzzle makes no sha-sense!" Lightning complained. Scarlett was placing puzzle pieces faster than anyone else. Izzy was placing them randomly, but in the right places. Dave put them on slowly. Ella sang as she placed hers. "UGH! If this was an animal one or something, I would've one! But this is solid white!" Heather yelled. Mike was confused and frustrated. Scarlett reached 300, Alejandro 200, and Scott somehow 200,Izzy was coming up to 200, and Ella was catching up. Scarlett was going so fast, she left everyone else behind her and got to 600.

Scarlett: I was loving that puzzle challenge!
Mike: It was so hard! AAAH!
Alejandro: I want to win again so I can stay safe and not be nominated.
Ella: I am catching up! Hoorah!

Scarlett was close to finishing. Cameron was writing on his chalkboard. "Of course!" Cameron exclaimed. Then he said a bunch of math stuff. "You realize that this is a puzzle, noot a math challenge to figure it out." Trent said. Cameron faceplamed and groaned. Scarlett finished, rung her buzzer. "Scarlett is the first HOH!" Chris announced. Everyone was working hard on their puzzles. Scott powered through, Scott and Alejandro were neck and neck. Alejandro placed his last piece and rung his buzzer. "Alejandro! That is wrong! Missing a piece." Chris said. Alejandro gasped and looked at the huge pile that was now only one maroon piece there. He ran to the piece. Scott placed his last piece and rung his buzzer. "Scott is the second HOH." Chris announced. Scott bounced around and yelled. Scarlett and Scott high-fived.

Alejandro: Now I could actually be evicted, I have to win Power to Veto to stay, or just tell the non-dethroned HOH what to do.

"Who will Scott and Scarlett nominate? Find out next time on Total Drama Randomness!"

Day 9Edit

"Previously on Total Drama Randomness, after Courtney's eviction, everyone took into consideration that Dave should be next evicted. Then, Team Explosivo targeted Izzy because that chick is insane, like, actually insane! Then Scott and Scarlett won HOH, who will they nominate, and will they be incredibly ticked off? Find out right now on Total Drama Randomness!"

Scott: Only nine days into the game and I win HOH. I already have my choices made. My plan is to put up Alejandro and Mike. I'm gonna make a side deal with Scarlett that we put up the nominees together.

"So I'm gonna put up Mike and Al, you can out up Cameron and Dave!" Scott suggested. "That means I would have the bigger threats, meaning they both stay, and you get dethroned while Cameron and Dave stay." Scarlett replied. Scott was dumbfounded. "You see. You must put up one who is weak, and will most likely win any challenge in the game with someone who is strong. Or put up two duds who will most likely win. You would convince me to put up two athletic duds for your plan, while you put up weaklings, meaning you get to stay HOH. After the veto plays out, put up Alejandro as a replacement nominee, convince the rest of the house to evict him. And theirs your plan!" Scarlett said. Scott grinned evily. "Do you mind putting up two duds?" Scott asked.

Scarlett: Ugh. Why did I tell him a great plan?! I'm going to put up Heather and Dave! They lose because Dave stinks, I win the veto and save Heather, much to Alejandro's relief. Then put up him as the replacement nominee. Either that or Scott. Fool. I can't let Cameron get put up, too risky. He might lose!

The Fantastic Five were in a room. "My plan is for you to put up Samey and Dave again!" Alejandro said. "That is incredibly stupid!" Heather said back. "Yeah Alejandro, no." Scott decided. "But I will put up small threats like Cameron and Dave." "I think you-" Mike started. "Maybe you should shut up!" Scott interrupted. Mike growled.

Mike: I cannot stand Scott! If I win HOH next week, he's gone for sure!
Scott: I have a feeling that Mike wants me out... Pfft!

Scarlett was laying down in the HOH room. Scott, Duncan, and Sammy walked into the HOH room. "I think that you two would be great allies." Scott said. "So is this an alliance of some sort?" Sammy asked. "Yeah." "Well I'm in." Duncan said. "Okay!" Sammy said happily.

Scarlett: So Scott, Duncan, and Samey walk in and make an alliance. Something to tell Cameron for sure!

Scarlett waited until they left. Scarlett ran out and tried to find Cameron. "So Scott made an alliance with Duncan and Sammy." Scarlett told him. "Hmmm..." Cameron thought. "You can use that! Put up Sammy and Duncan!" he said. "I don't know! Nominations are in one hour! I don't know!!" Scarlett groaned. Cameron sighed.

Izzy was on the hammock with Lightning. "Sha-Lightning thinks he might get sha-nominated!" he sha-said. "No you're sha-not! You are totally sha-awesome!" she replied. Lightning smiled.

Lightning: Izzy is pretty cool. I can definitely see us going far!

Scarlett and Scott walked in and saw the case with the keys in it. "Nominations." Scarlett whispered.

Scott: My nominations are based on who I dislike the most, but I will try to backdoor Al so.
Scarlett: My nominations are based on who I think will lose the game.

Scott and Scarlett went downstairs. "This is a nomination ceremony. Our job as HOH's is to nominate four people for eviction." Scott said. "I will reveal my nominations first." Scarlett continued. "The first person I have nominated is..." Scarlett turned the key. Heather's picture appeared on the screen. "The second person I have nominated is..." Scarlett turned her other key. Duncan's picture appeared. "I have nominated you Duncan and you Heather. Heather. You are a fierce competitor and you need to go. Duncan serious threat, but you aren't the target here." Scarlett said. Both were glaring. "The first houseguest I have nominated is..." Scott said. Scott turned a key and Dave's picture. "The second houseguest I have nominated is..." Scott turned the other key.. Cameron's face appeared. "This nominations ceremony is agernd." Scott said. Everyone got up.

Heather: I didn't know Scarlett had it in her! I'll have to win BOTB.
Scarlett: I can't believe that Scott put up Cameron! Now I need to get Duncan to throw it! UGH!
Dave: Am I surprised? Not really. Will I win. Yes!
Cameron: I don't want to be second evicted. No surprise from Scott, but I have Dave so this will definitely be hard.

"Who will win the battle of the block? Find out next time on Total Drama Randomness!"

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