All returnee season. Season 8

Contestant Season Placement Reason Accepted?
LSP Ooo 1st Winner, Sass attitude, friendship with Turtle Princess Yes
Turtle Princess Ooo 2nd Runner-Up, friendship with LSP, lambasted by Jury Declined
Ice King Ooo 3rd Fan-Favorite, hilarity, tripped while doing Jury speech Yes
Flame Princess Ooo 4th Fiery temper, especially during Loved Ones Challenge, Jury speech Yes
Jake Ooo 5th Fun personality, managed to slip his way in Final 5 after Lady Rainicorn was voted out. Yes
Finn Ooo 9th Noble, honest. Was named "Most Flirty" at the Touchy Subjects challenge. No
Duncan Wawanakwa 1st Winner, strategic moves, relationship with Gwen, hiding the fact that he's nice. Yes
Zoey Wawanakwa 2nd Although being nice and boss in challenges, got only 2 jury votes. Being on minority since Day 1. No
DJ Wawanakwa 3rd Being nice, last jury member for being a winning threat. Fantastic social game. Declined
Gwen Wawanakwa 5th Mastermind behind most tribal councils. Yes
Shawn Wawanakwa 7th Fan-Favorite, angered by Jasmine's eliminated. WOke everyone up because of- ZOMBIES!! Yes
Jasmine Wawanakwa 9th Shocking elimination. Jury speech. SLAY <33333 Declined
Ryann Georgetown 1st Winner, social game, strategic game, kindness to minority Yes
Ben Georgetown 2nd Torn between two alliances. Betraying one alliance. Jury defense. Speech to Susannah, Avery, and Nate. Remorse about betraying them. Yes
Elise Georgetown 3rd Called a floater. Claiming she wasn't. Crying after voting out Avery. No
Kristen Georgetown 4th Pure meanness. Yelling at Nate. Bitchiness. Strategic Gameplay. Two idols. Declined
Susannah Georgetown 7th Jury speech. Interrogating Ben. Taking the betrayal very personal. Yes
Nate Georgetown 11th Fan-Favorite. Fight with Kristen. Jury speech. Lambasted Ben. Considered
Darwin Elmore 1st Winner. Making the statement "Kindness counts!" Yes
Anton Elmore 2nd Despite only being a small piece of toast, slivered to top but lost. Plan to get rid of Tina Declined
Penny Elmore 3rd Relationship with Gumball. Niceness. Betraying friendship alliance. Declined
Tina Elmore 4th Fan-favorite. Idol plan to get rid of Banana Joe. Jury speech, praising Anton, but voted Darwin. Cut
Carrie Elmore 7th Leaving her team, making her an automatic target in merge. Strategic moves. Yes
Anais Elmore 8th Being betrayed by both brothers. Being younger put a target on her back. Declined
Terri Springfield 1st Winning, was taken to finale by her boyfriend Bart, twin of Sherri, strategic gameplay. First winner to not win an Individual Immunity before. No
Bart Springfield 2nd Lost to his girlfriend, voted out all of his family members. Caused mischief. No
Lisa Springfield 3rd Fan-Favorite. Betrayed by her own brother. Super smart. Jury speech. Declined
Grandpa Springfield 4th Mastermind. betrayed by his grandkids. Yes
Patty Springfield 6th Alliance with the twins. Flipped off everyone when voted out, yelling at Bart during jury speech. Considered
Maggie Springfield 7th Betrayed by siblings. Mastermind of show. Yes
Ahsoka Kashyyyk 1st Winner. Very strategic gameplay. Voted out her own sister. Physical game. Despite being the youngest, Ahsoka won. Declined
Obi-Wan Kashyyyk 2nd Runner-Up. Fantastic strategical gameplay. Although he had a great social game, he only received a jury vote from Adi Gallia. Yes
Yaddle Kashyyyk 5th Despite her age, Yaddle managed to use strategical-ness, but after everyone else found out her amazing plan, she was immediately voted out. Cut
Yoda Kashyyyk 6th The only person who was not a finalist to not receive a vote. Wisest contestant. Tragic Medical Evacuation. Considered
Anakin Kashyyyk 7th Fan-Favorite. Declined
Shaak Ti Kashyyyk 8th Strategic gameplay. Hated a lot for no real reason. Betrayed by her own sister, Ahsoka. Jury Speech. Yes
Luminara Kashyyyk 11th Amazing jury speech. Totally destroying Luke, confronting Obi-Wan, and praising Ahsoka. Declined
Wendy Gravity Falls 1st Winner. Social game. In final 6, felt like she was next, but ended up winning. Strategic game. Although she voted out everyone in the jury, she managed getting everybody's vote, except Candy's, who went to Stan. Declined
Grunkle Stan Gravity Falls 2nd Told people bluntly how much he disliked them, known for betraying Waddles, Soos, and Mabel. Received only one jury vote because he was mean to everyone. Declined
Dipper Gravity Falls 3rd Betrayed by one of his greatest allies, Wendy. Amazing jury speech. Even though he was betrayed by Wendy, he voted her over his Grunkle Stan. Declined
Mabel Gravity Falls 4th Known for her legendary decision, which leaves the ultimate question: Friends or Family? She chose her family over Candy and Grenda. Known for her niceness and giving her tribemates friendship sweaters. Considered
Waddles Gravity Falls 6th Known for his mastermindynes. Although he was a pig, he won quite a few challenges. Also for his shocking blindside, and his deep jury speech. Yes
Grenda Gravity Falls 7th Fan-Favorite. Everything she did was hilarious. And her jury questions: Stan, have you ever had a girlfriend? Wendy, you really need a haircut. Yes
Toby Gravity Falls 11th Even though he was not a jury member, voted out before the jury stage, not even the merge, he was best known for his need to entertain his tribemates, and him flipping off his tribemates after he was voted out. No