The SquadEdit

Catastrophe - Taylor Swift

Dilemma - Serayah

Slay-Z - Gigi Hadid

Destructa X - Ellie Goulding

Homeslice - Martha Hunt

Mother Chucker- Cara Delevingne

Cut Throat - Zendaya

The Crimson Curse - Hayley Williams

Frostbyte - Lily Aldridge

Knockout - Karlie Kloss

Domino - Jessica Alba

Justice - Mariska Hargity

Luna - Ellen Pompeo

Headmistress - Cindy Crawford

Bad GuysEdit

Arsyn - Selena Gomez

Other Good GuysEdit

Welvin Da Great - Kendrick Lamar

Lucky Fiori - Lena Dunham;

The Trinity - Hailee Steinfeld

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